DOWNLOAD: UC Browser Mini Handler V10.4.2.Apk And Settings To Enjoy Glo N0.00KB Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

We Promised to bring you Unlimited free browsing cheats and here is Glo Unlimited free browsing cheat using UC Browser Mini Handler, I will be providing you guide on how to enjoy this cheat and also download unlimited with this cheat. You can download file downloadable with this. Proceed with below and see the following setups.


Settings For Unlimited Glo Free Browsing Cheat Using UC Mini Handler.

1. First of All DOWNLOAD: UC Browser Mini Hander.Apk

2. After downloading, Install and Open The UC Mini Handler and Apply Settings below.

Handler Settings

  • Mark proxy type
  • Proxy type – Real host
  • Proxy server –
  • Real proxy type – HTTP
  • Real proxy port – 8080
  • Then tap on SAVE.

3. At This Point, You can now start browsing and surfing with it. but you can not download unlimitedly with this unless you follow my guide below.

How To Download Unlimited Files Using Glo N0.0Kb

  • Go to the file you want to download and copy the Download source link then go to and paste it in the box provided then tap on GO

  • Immediately, the file will appear and change the download.php to the file extension you want to download e.g download.apk for Android app and download.mp3 for musics while download.mp4 for videos.

  • Then tap on Download. 

Keep Enjoying and Browsing while it Last. If you encounter any difficulty, Comment below for solution.


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